Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis Model for Evaluating Teachers' Performance from Students' Feedback

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Abhijit Bhowmik
Noorhuzaimi Mohd Noor
Md Saef Ullah Miah
Debajyoti Karmaker


Evaluating teachers' performance is a fundamental pillar of educational enhancement, guiding the evolution of pedagogical practices and fostering enriched learning environments. This study pioneers an innovative approach by harnessing sentiment analysis within an aspect-based framework to decipher the intricate emotional nuances embedded within students' feedback. By categorizing sentiments as positive, negative, and neutral, we delve into the diverse perceptions of teaching aspects, offering a multifaceted portrait of educators' contributions. Through meticulous data collection, preprocessing, and a deep learning sentiment analysis model, we dissected student comments into distinct teaching aspects. The subsequent sentiment analysis unearthed positive, negative, and neutral sentiments. Positive sentiments highlighted strengths and effective communication, while negative sentiments illuminated areas for growth. Neutral sentiments provided contextual equilibrium, forming a holistic tapestry of teachers' performance. The proposed model achieved 86\% F1 score for classifying sentiments into three classes.

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A. Bhowmik, Noorhuzaimi Mohd Noor, M. S. U. Miah, and D. Karmaker, “Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis Model for Evaluating Teachers’ Performance from Students’ Feedback”, AJSE, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 287 - 294, Dec. 2023.

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