Design And Development Of Air Conditioner (AC) Monitoring And Management System

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MD. Rakib Hasan
Maruf Chowdhury
Saad Mohammad Bhuiya
Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan


Nowadays Air Conditioner (AC) has become a more important appliance in our life. Gas leakage, blockage in the evaporator and compressor coil, pipelines as well as dust in the air filters, are the major reasons behind AC explosion. Many people have been injured over the years due to AC blasts. In this paper a system is developed that uses sensor technology and smart devices to reduce AC blast. As a result, pipeline leaks or blockage fault detection system is planned and constructed using MQ-02, TTC 103, optical dust sensors for gas detection, temperature detection and for detecting dust density respectively. Also bacteria can be detected through MQ-3 gas sensor as it combines with AC refrigerant and produces ethanol. This system is also digitally connected to smart devices (cellphones) and a control device (RM MINI 3) so that user can receive a detection notification at any time and operate AC from any location. By implementing these sensors, the initial target was achieved. The work is low cost and environment friendly.


Index Terms— Explosions, blockage, leakage, RM MINI 3, cellphone, refrigeration cycle, sensor, safety


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CHOWDHURYM. I., HasanM. R., ChowdhuryM., BhuiyaS. M., and ZishanM. S. R., “Design And Development Of Air Conditioner (AC) Monitoring And Management System”, AJSE, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 132-138, Dec. 2022.

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