Hybrid Scrum-XP: A Proposed Model based on Effectiveness of Agile Model on Varieties of Software Companies in Bangladesh

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Bijoya Bose
Md. Mazid-Ul-Haque
Abhijit Bhowmik


The Agile Methodology is a term which refers to a method of software development that is incremental and iterative in nature and is used to manage and incorporate constantly changing needs. This entails decomposing the entire development process cycle into a series of tasks. The process is further divided into a number of sub-tasks, each function is independently. The Agile Development technique, which is a popular and growth-oriented strategy, provides not only speedy project delivery, but also software responsiveness, which leads to total corporate growth and agility. The organization's project management capabilities and performance are improved through the adoption of Agile practices. In their business, the companies employ Agile methods. As a result, the goal of this study is to see how effective agile approaches are in Bangladeshi software organizations. A survey of established software companies in Bangladesh is being conducted to accomplish the objective. The Scrum and XP agile technique is the most widely used according to the findings. It is proposed that Scrum and the XP model be combined to achieve maximum effectiveness and overcome their respective limits.

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B. Bose, N. T. Khan, Sumaiya Ashreen, Faishal Ahmed Shuvo, Md. Mazid-Ul-Haque, and A. Bhowmik, “Hybrid Scrum-XP: A Proposed Model based on Effectiveness of Agile Model on Varieties of Software Companies in Bangladesh”, AJSE, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 35 - 44, May 2023.
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Nishat Tasnim Khan is a student in the Department of Computer Science at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)


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