Highly Directive Graphene Based Hybrid Plasmonic Nanoantenna for Terahertz Applications

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Farhadur Arifin


To satisfy the necessity for elevated data transmission rates in 5G and beyond networks, terahertz band communication (0.1 - 10 THz) is envisaged as a crucial wireless technology. Two-dimensional graphene nanomaterial is being extensively integrated into the plasmonic antennas as it allows them to resonate in the terahertz wave spectrum. In this paper, a graphene-based hybrid terahertz plasmonic nano-scale antenna has been modelled to acquire a maximum gain and directivity of 8.1 dB and 8.23 dBi, respectively, by varying the conductivity of graphene via gate bias voltage. Moreover, a combination of several tailored radiating layers of silver, SiO2 and graphene sheets is arranged in the proposed nanoantenna in such a way that the return loss (S11) of -26.595 dB and a wider bandwidth of 1241.3 GHz are obtained. It is evident that the proposed graphene-based hybrid plasmonic nanoantenna could be considered as an ideal candidate for terahertz communication owing to its excellent radiation characteristics.

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BISWASR. V. and Farhadur Arifin, “Highly Directive Graphene Based Hybrid Plasmonic Nanoantenna for Terahertz Applications”, AJSE, vol. 21, no. 1, pp. 54 - 62, Oct. 2022.

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