Energy Harvesting Technology by Converting Waste Heat Energy from Automobiles

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Md Abdullah Al Rakib Rakib
Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan
Md. Abid Hasan Abid


In this project, heat energy is used for generating
electrical energy by a conversion process. The energy harvesting
from the heat of motorbike has become a new source of portable
energy for rechargeable gadgets. In contrary, the conventional
nonrenewable energy sources have likewise added to an
expansion in contamination on the planet and a disintegration of
human wellbeing. From the electrical energy, the mobile phone
will be charged. A thermoelectric generator has been connected
to the hot portion of the motorbike and while riding the bike, any
kind of chargeable device will get charged. The prototype of this
research work has effectively harvested electrical energy from
heat using thermoelectric generator and has managed to provide
enough power at different speeds of the motorbike.

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RakibM. A. A. R., ZishanM. S. R., and AbidM. A. H., “Energy Harvesting Technology by Converting Waste Heat Energy from Automobiles”, AJSE, vol. 20, no. 4, pp. 127 - 132, Dec. 2021.

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