Heritage Architecture: Conservation and Revitalization of Adamjee Jute Mill

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MD Tanvir Hasan
Ashik Vaskor Mannan
Fahim Hasan Rezve


Bangladesh has a glorious history of producing jute and jute products. Adamjee jute mill was the largest jute mill in the world, established in 1950. But unfortunately, it has been shut down in 2002 due to some unavoidable and political reasons. Later government and many private entrepreneurs tried to revitalize this mill but failed, and at present only a few broken infrastructures exist as old memories. This ruined huge abandoned shade representing not only the jute culture in our country but also signifying our history. Nature changes with the time but the memory of space remains timeless if we preserve them. Rapid competition of development of our country creating threats for the survival and continuity of our heritage and culture. The purpose of this study is to point out the possibility and importance to revitalize Adamjee jute mill as a heritage site and raise awareness about the increasing demand for jute in the world market.

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Hasan, M. T., Mannan , A. V., & Rezve, F. H. (2020). Heritage Architecture: Conservation and Revitalization of Adamjee Jute Mill. AIUB Journal of Science and Engineering (AJSE), 19(2), 79 - 86. Retrieved from http://ajse.aiub.edu/index.php/ajse/article/view/93

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