Impacts of Electric Vehicle Charging On Distribution Grid

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Nazmul Haque
Ahmed Mortuza Saleque


Electric Vehicle is one of the most emerging technology in modern era. Different type of latest technologies are used in today’s electric vehicles as well as the battery technology is also developed. Besides many advantages of electric vehicles there are some bad impacts of electric vehicles charging on electric grid. Analysis of Electric Vehicle charging impacts on distribution grid are highly importance for the development of electric vehicles. In this paper a very simplified model is used by MATLAB/Simulink to analyze the Electric vehicle charging impacts on distribution grid. In this model Vehicle to grid (V2G) technology is also used to analyze the grid power. The active power of distribution grid was measured while EVs were charging for both V2G on and off cases and the differences between this two conditions were measured from the simulation and the results were compared.  In this paper the impacts of EV charging on other grid connected loads are also analyzed.

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